Designing the Future of Channel Experience and Enquiry Management

Here at Nimbl Consulting, we believe in delivering realistic and meaningful outcomes. We bring our creative minds, behavioral knowledge and empathy to help re-design existing processes or develop new ones.

The Challenge and Opportunity

Nimbl’s Service Design team was engaged in a substantial initiative to re-design the Channel Experience and Enquiry Management process related to health services agreements and payments.  

Nimbl were tasked to:  

  • Map the current state of Channel Experience and Enquiry Management,

  • Design a future state, 

  • Develop a detailed capability blueprint; and 

  • Create Concept model for enquiries.  

Channel Experience and Enquiry Management was a complex piece as it covered all enquiry channels that manage agreements and payments for wider health services across New Zealand. 

Current State: Contact Centre Query Flow

Our Mahi

Nimbl’s Design team started by building out the current state map and understanding of Channel Experience and Enquiry Management related to agreements and payments.

This involved:

  • Conducting an internal scan of existing knowledge to avoid re-inventing the wheel,

  • Observing and interviewing front-line staff across the country to understand the human experience of Enquiry Management,

  • Creating a current state map, including personas, roles, and process flows; and

  • Connecting with other teams within and outside of the programme to share and learn everything related to Channel Experience and Enquiry Management.

Once we had built our understanding of the current state, we needed to design a future state that was connected across the payments and agreements landscape. To do this, we:

  • Developed a future state capability blueprint summarised with an Enquiry Management Funnel aimed at increasing visibility of enquiry data and reducing call volume; and

  • Developed a list of requirements that were actively being used to enhance the capabilities in Salesforce to manage enquiries.

Enquiry Management Funnel

Our Impact

Through this mahi we were able to:

  • Enable the leadership team to understand and acknowledge the existing pain points surrounding enquiry management which was felt by health service users and staff, and the behavioral impacts because of these pain points,

  • Design future-focused enablers, including a Knowledge Management tool to address frequently asked questions and a self-service gateway for healthcare users and providers to access self-service capabilities,

  • Enable the adoption of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool across the board to enhance the visibility of the necessary information and reduce the overall enquiries volume in the future; and

  • Share our learnings from our discovery work and the future state capability blueprint with teams across the group to support consistency in the future state and encourage capability growth through knowledge sharing.

Our Skills

At Nimbl Consulting we know our people bring a wide range of skills and experience and encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing across the team.

The team brought a wide range of skills to this mahi:

  • Facilitation and workshop design,

  • Research – field and desk based,

  • Relationship management,

  • Stakeholder mapping,

  • Service Blueprint,

  • Capability Mapping,

  • Business Analysis; and

  • Current state analysis.

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